About Us

We chase creativity.

NextSesh® is a forward-thinking company based in Salem, Oregon - here to bring you the tools you need to elevate your self care routine. We are a tight knit team full of creative individuals who look at things a little deeper & take our time to develop products thoughtfully. NextSesh products are designed with you and your experience in mind - we want you to BE THE FLOW™.

We encourage self-care.

No matter how busy or hectic your life gets, it is so important to take a minute to hit that pause button. “Me time” might sound like a luxury or even a bit selfish at times - but it is vital for your mind, body and spirit. Whether it is a quick meditation, walk in the woods, dance in your kitchen or a centering smoke, NextSesh is here to enhance your routine. Self-care can be anything you need it to be.

We are NextSesh.

Here at NextSesh, we are focused on being the kind of people that produce thoughtful, quality devices that you can rely on. For us, it’s always been about creating well-crafted everyday products that are accessible to everyone.

Creative design and thinking outside of the box are great attributes - but they mean nothing if we fail to bring you products of integrity. Our robust product testing and quality control process is the geek-out part of the equation that allows us to stand behind our products.

Born with creativity and self-care in mind, we aim to bring you intuitive, next level products that will elevate your NextSesh.

Be the Flow.

We are all about community and sharing and we would love to see how you enjoy your NextSesh! Follow us on social and post your pics and your thoughts with #NextSesh so we can follow your journey.

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